News Your propertry sale will fail unless you do these 5 things

Published by Jonathan on 5th August, 2016

Your property sale will fail unless you do these 5 things

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Why does it take longer  to sell some properties than it does others? Is it just bad luck or market conditions or is it more than that and can we improve things? We give you five idea that will help make your property sale a success.

1.    First impressions are everything

We subconsciously make first impressions on whether we like something within seconds. That could be on the photos, the price or the description you use everything needs to be just right. At a glance does your property tick all the right boxes and give out the right impression to get that all important viewing.  Then theirs is the viewing it's self. Your property must look clean, tidy and uncluttered. Your property has to look like a show home, at least when the photos and viewings are taking place. Cluttered, untidy unloved looking properties just don't sell, simple. Do whatever it takes to remove all clutter.

2.    Professional photos are essential

Over 90% of buyers are looking for property online. The first thing they will look at are the online photos.  They have to be of the best quality presenting your property in the best possible light. To put it simply withoutyour photos right you will never get a viewing.

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3.    Set a realistic asking price

Estate agents are in completion with each other and will provide a free valuation. If one agent says they can get you  5k or 10k more than everyone else you will of course sign up with them.  When no viewings come through because of their over inflated estimate the agent will then suggest you lower your asking prise.  This is a tactic that will delay and in some cases cause massive damage to your chances of a sale.  The longer your house is on the market the harder it becomes to get a sale. 

Be very realistic about what your house is worth. Consider a number of factors like previous sold prices, current asking prices and use our online valuation tool alongside others. Take something that looks like it's in the middle of all that.

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4.    The only way to advertise is by using Rightmove and Zoopla

Between them Rightmove and Zoopla recieve 100 million viewings of their websites a month.  It's so much of the market that it makes little to no sense using anything else. If you're not using either or both of these sites you're not getting your property out there enough.  It is of course possible to sell without these but your chances are greatly reduced.

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5.    Risking your offer

The Land Registry say 1 in 3 house sales fail to get to completion.  The stage between receiving an offer and exchanging contracts is a risky time with all sorts of things that could gowrong. Chasing solicitors and managing chains is a full time highly skilled job that most of the estate agents just aren't up to. Using our sale progressioncan reduce the fall through rate by 20% and improve completion times from the average 12 weeks to 8. Don't do all the hard work of finding a buyer only tohave them pull out.

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