Who are Online Kent Property?

Online Kent Property (OKP) is and internet property sales and letting service. Unlike any other internet based property sales and letting or traditional high street estate agents service OKP provides a localised service to the country of Kent. We provide a strong emphasis on being viewed as part of the community, a service provider that helps those buying, selling renting and letting, improve their standard of living with their next property purchase at a low cost. Our top priority is to allow you to take complete control of how you sell or let your property by selecting and paying only for the services you need.

At a glance

  • Launched in 2016 by founder Jon Middleton

  • An internet based property sales and letting service

  • Provide property sales and lettings to the county of Kent

  • Our top priority is to allow buyers and sellers to take complete control of the process

  • We are campaigners for change in the way we sell and let your property

  • Provide full marketing packages or allow you to choose services you need

Why are we different?

We are not an estate agent and do not come to the market with all the cost burdens this brings so therefore we've approached property sales and letting from a completely different angle. We've started from a blank sheet of paper and thought 'if you were designing a process to fit for today’s market, with its technology, information sources and attitude towards sales, what would it look like?

Typical Estate Agent
Online Kent Property Service
You have little control
over your sale/let
Complete control
Long contract tie-in periods allowing
no way out if you’re not happy
No contracts,
no tie in periods
One size fits all service offering:
take all or leave it
Complete flexibility to choose our full
property sale/letting package or the
services you want to sell your property
Things only happen when the Estate Agent
is available and in office hours
Manage your property listing, viewings and offers 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Unfair out-of-date commission-based fee system that is not revealed until valuation
Fixed, completely transparent fees with the option to spread the cost over 3 months

Why we are changing the way we sell and let our homes?

Twenty years ago there was on choice and only one way to sell your property, you used a high street estate agent. In In 2000 Rightmove was founded which completely and utterly changed the way we searched and sold property. In 2008 Zoopla was founded providing the UK with another major property search portal. In 2009/10 the Office of Fair Trading released a study stating that “the use of the estate agent to value property has been greatly diminished”. In 2016 Online Kent Property are the other choice to the traditional high street. How we market property has been changing and will continue to change to such a point that the next generation of property buyers want know what an estate agent is.

Those that no longer wish to use the traditional estate agent services don’t need to. We believe that the estate agent service has not kept pace with modern thinking and tools that are now so readily available. We also believe that commission fees, based upon the price of your property, is an unfair way of charging for services. Our fees are based upon the amount of work that is involved not how much you sell your property for.

We know that there is more than one way to sell property and feel it is our mission to share all the necessary tools and knowledge to give you that alternative opportunity.



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