News 5 Things to ask before attending a viewing

Published by Jonathan on 7th October, 2016

5 Things to ask before attending a viewing

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You should only ever view properties that you think meet all your viewing criteria.  It's worth asking the seller a few questions before you start a viewing to prevent you wasting your time and give you apicture in your mind of the history of the property.  We have put a few questions we would recommend asking a seller before you attend a viewing below:

1)   Reason for selling the property?

It seems an obvious question to ask but understanding the sellers reasons for selling the property can really help.  Are they simply moving up the ladder or is it something to do with the house.  Is there a neighbour dispute or something wrong with the house they can't afford to repair.  Understanding the seller motives will also help you understand how serious they are about selling. If there is no clear reason then they may pull out of the sale at a later date.

2)   How many viewing have you had and how long has it been on the market?

If there have already been a number of viewings but no offer it could indicate that the property is overvalued.  There could have been lots of interest but the price has put people off making an offer.  If the property has  been on the market for a long time and has had a number of offers it could show that the sellers are hanging on for a certain price and may not be willing to negotiate

3)   Have any offers been made on the property?

Understanding if other offers have been made can give you an indication of problems that may exist with the property.  If offers have fallen through you would really need to know why.  There could be many reason that are totally normal but there could be problems with the surveyors report or something that the solicitor has discovered.

4)   What improvement have been made?

It's worth knowing up front what sort of work has been done recently on the property. Has an extension been built or has there been a need to improve damp conditioning?  There could have been work done to repair water damage or have the foundations needed to be re pinned.  All of this information helps form an idea of the work history before you view.

5)   What extra monthly cost are there?

It is worth understanding especially for the likes offlats and apartments if there are any additional service charges. This could impact your ability to afford  aproperty.