News 5 Mistakes we all make when selling our homes

Published by Jonathan on 26th July, 2016

5 Mistakes we all make when selling our homes

Online Kent PropertySelling our homes can be a long drawn out process but it doesn't have to be if we just think of things slightly differently.  We put together the top five mistakes we all make when it comes to selling our property. 

1.    Estate agents are the only way

The only way to sell your property is to go to an estate agent right, wrong! With technology moving forward as fast as it has been there are now many ways  to sell or let your property. No longer isthe estate agent the only route to market. The Office of Fair Trading say that “the availability of priceinformation online means that the extent to which Estate Agents are betterinformed than consumers has decreased”. Shop around and look for cheaper andbetter alternatives.

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2.   We don't think enough about what makes our property attractive

Whatis it that makes your property the best that is out there? What makes it unique and amazing value for money.  They might just be normal things to you but be really attractive to buyers.  When taking a viewing everything must be positive and awesome. You have lived in your property for years and you have learnt to put up with all the little things that are wrong with it.  Buyers want look at it that way, they want everything to be just right.

3.   We assume we are going to get the asking price

Your house is the best out there right, nothing is better than the house I live in, who wouldn't want to live in your house? Not everyone thinks the same of your house as you do and note veryone thinks it's worth what you do. Everyone's out there is after the best deal. Be sure to have a minimum you will not go below but being prepared to negotiate is a must.

4.    We think once we have an offer all the work is done

Once you have an offer from a buyer your work is far from all done. The Land Registry say 1 in 3 house sales fail to get to completion. The Solicitors work can be the most stressful part of the sales process, dealing with chains and all the legal things that can go wrong. Using our sale progression service can reduce the fall through rate by 20% and improve completion times from the average 12 weeks to 8. Don't do all the hard work of finding a buyer only tohave them pull out.

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5.    Emotional attachment

We all unknowingly build up emotional attachment to our homes even if we think we don't.  It's a perfectly normal thing to do but if you want to sell your property you can't allow yourself to let this get in the way.  Buyers will be looking to see how eager you are to sell and if they sniff that you have any doubts it will harm your chances of them putting in an offer. You have to think of it as selling a car or any other asset you have andlook or it as a business transaction. Sometimes easier said than done.