News 5 Extraordinary things buyers are always looking for

Published by Jonathan on 7th September, 2016

5 Extraordinary things buyers are always looking for

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What are the top things that buyers are always looking for? Despite how good your property is and the work you've done on it the below points are really what buyers are looking for.  Have you got these or can improve on them to bring those buyers in and their offers made.

1.    A bargain

Make no mistake we are all looking for a bargain. We are all looking for a property that's on the edge of what we can afford, we're all looking for that little bit extra. Most of all we want to come away from buying something saying we got good value for money. No one wants to pay over the odds, in fact we normally feel cheated if we think we've paid more than we should. Expect buyers to want to pay less than the asking price.

2.    Space

Unless you are down scaling for a reason always expect buyers to want to as much spacein a property purchase as they can afford. No one ever says I'm not buying that house, it's got to much space, we only ever say the property was too small. If you're about to take a viewing you have to make your property feel as big as you possibly can. That may even mean moving some of you possessions out the house until it's sold.

3.    A project

More and more buyers are now looking to buy cheap and renovate to improve the properties size and value. Garage conversions and extensions are becoming more and more popular. Can you sell the potential in your property?

4.    Parking

Everyone owns a car so parking spaces especially in city centres are a massive selling point. Garages in some places in central London have become the cost of houses in other parts of the country. Converting a front garden even a small one so you can have off road parking is something that buyers are always on the lookout for and is wel lworth the investment.

5.    Transport Links

Getting to and from places of work and the kids school is how we all operate our day today lives. Unless you're selling a place right out in the country  buyers always want to be near the motorways, train stations or bus routes. Buyers are often searching by distance from trainstations or schools, that's what really matters to them.