News 5 Amazing changes to the way we buy and sell our homes

Published by Jonathan on 26th September, 2016

5 Amazing changes to the way we buy and sell our homes

Online Kent Property

How will we buy and sell our homes in the future? What will change and what can we expect from Estate Agents?  Online Kent Property are property experts and have been following the emergence of online estate agents over the last few years.  Below are our top 5 amazing changes we expect to see in the way we buy and sell our houses.

1.    Internet property marketing firms will become mainstream  

Internet property marketing (Online Estate Agents) has only really been a recognised asa viable alternative to the traditional High Street estate agent over the last few years. Already 1,000's of homes are added each week by online agents. Industryexperts estimate that 4 per cent of all homes are now sold through internet property marketing firms which is around around 48,000. If this much progress has been made in 2 year where will we be in 10?

2.    A new generation will not know what and Estate Agents is

The current thinking is that the internet could handle up to 50 per cent of allproperty sales by 2020. That would be an incredible shift in power and will mean that the next generation of first time buyers and sellers will never experience using a traditional estate agent service. No longer will the automatic reaction be too 'I need to sell my house, I'd better call the estate agent' exist.

3.    More internet property marketing sales will continue to be done out of hours

Theleading internet property marketing firms say 70% of their business is done outof traditional 9 to 5 working hours. As the estate agents grip on the market slipsaway more and more of us will use the 24/7 opening times of internet propertymarketing firms provide.

4.    Property sold using social media will continue toincrease

When it comes to innovation in advertising, communication and generally sharing amessage social media is leading the way. We already have the ability to share pictures and video clips and general information for free and at a click of a button.  We expect a greater use of social media selling to the point where buyers dependence on portals like Rightmove will be dramatically reduced as we look tosocial media first to search for property.

5.    We will all be doing more ourselves mostly on our phones and iPads

As mobile devise applications develop we will all be able to do everything we need to advertise our properties using mobile devices.  We will continue to move away from having the estate agent doing everything and we will do a lot more for ourselves.  We can already upload our own photo's, write adverts, take viewings and negotiate our own offers. We expect this to become more of the norm.